No word from them yet. They got there last night. Very cold strong wind at 7 am. I’m going up with them. I am driving Galatea to the port. 

I got little to nothing done at home today.

The beer/pop cooler broke down at the store and the milk/cheese/meat one did too. We have a repairman working on them trying to figure it all out. We will probably close the store on Halloween and be closed until April 2016. We will start getting ready to open in March.

George and Evie leave for their trip in two day. So excited for them.

Michael-John’s school mates are encouraging him to run for class president.

I am heading over to Galatea’s tomorrow morning. It’s Thalassa’s last day on the island.

The store is quiet which makes me want to go home even more. ha ha ha

Be well and take precautions as needed, Debra

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 81, the Oregon Promise bill, over the summer, which provides grants for students to get free tuition at all state community colleges.

Source: State keeps Oregon Promise; applications accepted

Got up at 6:15 so I could have the car to visit Galatea and her sister Thalassa. Thalassa hasn’t been here for 3 years. It was hard but I did it.

We ate, drank coffee and chatted, mostly about movies. lol

I went home and tried to have a nap. In the back of my mind I was afraid of oversleeping and didn’t really rest. 

Taki has left me at the store by myself since 3 pm. It is now 22:41 and we close at 23:30. He is at home watching a soccer game. He was going to leave the car with me but changed his mind. 

My period is on it’s way. Warning signs are light cramps and a backache.😦

The fog was so heavy this morning we could barely see to drive. Tonight the wind is warm. 

have a good night and be kind to others, Debra

We are good. Worn out but good.

George’s last day is tomorrow. Mine is the 31st and Maria’s Taki will continue into November to see how it goes.

George and Evie will travel around Europe for a month.

Maria and Yannis haven’t confirmed their plans.

Taki and I will take a trip to Athens to see a friend who has Cancer.

Michael-John is a Sophomore in High School this year. He will study computer repair.

Galatea’s sister Thalassa is here for the first time in 3 years. I will drive Taki and the kids to work, keep the car and go see her (them).

love yourself so you can love others, Debra

“I’ll be back”


Posted on: October 28, 2014

I am enjoying the mixed weather we have every Fall. One day it is Summer, the next Spring and sometimes actual Fall weather. It gets cold once the sun goes down.

Taki FINALLY asked a professional to come and trim our trees. WOW, it is amazingly empty. I only almost cried once. All the smaller trees he trimmed. My biggest most beautiful olive tree, he stripped bare. It has nothing left but a few sturdy limbs.😦 It’s breaks my heart to see it like that. It provided shade for us and shelter for our cats. They loved hiding and playing in it. It also blocked us from direct view of the street. I foolishly did NOT take before and after photo’s. He will be back in February to trim the rose bushes. He and I did not agree on everything. He has a few ideas that I am going to have to fight to not let them be done. I like my bird of paradise the way it is and where it is. He wants to split it all up and divide it along the front wall. Near my beloved olive tree. I do not want that and will beg and plead for it to be left alone. In it’s corner where it provides us with such beauty you think you are in Hawaii.😛 I wouldn’t mind something else going along that wall to block out the street a bit.

Michael-John went to a car show. The first one to come here. It got rained out. They told people to bring their tickets and they could get in free. So he did. He enjoyed it. I would like to have gone and taken photo’s.

Taki and I went to the fruit and vegetable place where Maria works (2 days a week for 14 hours) and did some shopping. We then went to a near by coffee shop to bring Maria and two of the gals she works with coffee.

Michael-John’s throat is very sore. It hurts even to chew. When I got to the store to relieve George he told me his chest hurts. Sadly both my boys are sick. I am at work and want to be there to smother them in love, chicken soup and fresh squeezed orange juice, bed rest and what ever I can do for them.

thinking of you and praying for you, Deb


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