Look who is back! Did you all miss me?


Only M-J will be home with us for awhile. BUT, they will all be home for Christmas. We are all in good health. Taki finished all the work at the store, FINALLY!


I haven’t been to Galatea’s yet. I will soon.


Maria and I have made amazing progress in the basement. It is tiring and dirty and hard work but so worth it.


more soon, Debra



Posted on: June 16, 2018

Sadly, I haven’t written anything here for way too long. I have so many thoughts everyday that I want to share. I do not take the time to share them, that is a shame. wishing you all well, Debra

It’s strange not to have even one child in the house. It is the way it usually goes. I have no complaints. They are off on their trips. They are healthy and happy. The families that two of them are involved with are loving families. I am grateful for this more than anything else in my life. The kids who are involved in other families are loved by those families. Praise the Lord.

To lighten things up. I enjoy the small amount of house keeping involved. I love my kids but they are messy!

I hope you all had a comfortable Christmas Day.

love from me

It was quiet today. George, Evie and Kostas (Lamias) came today. I made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. We also added a green salad, feta and fresh bread. It was a good and filling meal. Evie’s grandparents send lot’s of food and sweets too. We are blessed! Yannis sent a photo of him and Maria and M-J. We miss them so much. They all look good. Merry Christmas.


Posted on: July 31, 2017

“Patience with others is LOVE. Patience with self is HOPE. Patience with God is FAITH.” Copied this from an email.

A lovely, funny thing happened today. I bought Taki a Crazy Donkey metal cup that he wanted. When I got to work he gave me a book of each of the postage stamps that I like to use for my postcard exchanges. ❤


July has been an odd month. The wind never seems to quit blowing and the temperaure is higher for more days than ever before. We have dropped down in bussiness. This hasn’t happened in July since we opened the shop in 1993.


that’s all for now, love Debra

Maria told me on a Thursday that the next Thursday she was having an engagement party! WOW!


It worked out. the party was lovely.


My oldest child and only girl is engagrd!