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Our Savior was crushed and spit upon….

The king of kings was born to a lowly girl (Luke 1:4) The creator of the universe was swaddled and laid in a feeding trough (Luke 2:7) The first to hear of the birth of the Messiah and come to worship him were mere shepherds (Luke 2: 8-17) Jesus was born to a family too poor to offer the sacrifice of a lamb — so they gave two turtledoves instead. (Luke 2: 22-24) Leveticus 12:6-8)

Are we this lowly. Are we this humble? Or do we believe that we are always entitled to something bigger, better or more than we already have. Are you too prideful to do the unnoticed and embarrassing tasks — like washing the dirty feet of others, hoping they will reciprocate or express their deep gratitude…

Don’t ever become so high that you believe, think or feel, that you…

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Posted on: May 4, 2019



My boys are on their way home from visiting their big sister. woo hoo


Bible study is being held at Helen’s new home about the time they arrive.


It is beautiful outside. Bright happy sun. Perfect for doing laundry.


Maybe Taki can drop me off at Helen’s after i see my handsome kids!


be well, ‘live long, prosper”

It was just another day. Slept in late. Got a few things done.

Highlight of the day video chatting with 2 of the kids. 2nd highlight, Evie passed her international drivers license test. woo-hoo

Received no bad news from family or friends. Praise the Lord.

Got a few jobs done. Bought a yellow rose bush. I walked to the big super market for a few things. A cashier reminded me of the rose I gave her in the Summer. She told me the store now sold rose bushes. I’ve asked Taki to help me plant it tomorrow. My others are red and pink. Yellow is a good addition.

I’ve been watching Blue Planet on Netflix (a gift from a kid). It’s about the Earth’s sea creatures. I’m enjoying it.

wishing you faith and health, with love, Debra

The house feels a bit odd. We went from having 3 younguns living here to one. The housekeeping seems to have changed very little. ha ha ha

My oldest did most of the housework and I helped a bit. Now I do it all and wow I sure do miss my worker bee. lol

It’s off season so i’m not working. I try not to think about when I do start working. 😦 It will be a CHALLENGE. 

Our oldest indoor cat came back from her sterilization and acted odd and didn’t eat or drink until the 2nd day. I was assured she would come round. Today she even played a bit with her baby housemate. I was relieved.

A box of treats arrived from family and there are still bits and pieces of it left. I’m stretching them out for as long as I can.

I  texted with Boo-Boo and she is a bit sick. I hope it passes soon. Also hoping it is related to making such a big move. Please pray for her.

M-J has a job offer for the Summer. I hope he takes it.

May the Lord Bless you and may you have faith that he will, Love from me to you




Posted on: January 21, 2019


Posted on: January 8, 2019

The news came today…Maria and Yanni will be leaving for England within the next 10 days. Details as I have them.


Andrew and his Mom, Lyn came by to give me flowers and cookies. Not necessary but so welcome. I have them on the table in front of me. Both presents are wonderful and much appreciated.


Bright sunny day but the cold hurt my face. I went to dump kitchen veggie scraps in the garden. Ouch!


Maria brought me some face masks and natural soaps that smell lovely. She is so sweet.


M-J was up in the daylight and so was Yanni, ha ha ha


We got a box full of goodies from our family in the states. Feeling blessed and my sweet tooth will be filled for awhile.


wishing increased faith, love and health for you all in 2019, Deb