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Posted on: October 28, 2014

I am enjoying the mixed weather we have every Fall. One day it is Summer, the next Spring and sometimes actual Fall weather. It gets cold once the sun goes down.

Taki FINALLY asked a professional to come and trim our trees. WOW, it is amazingly empty. I only almost cried once. All the smaller trees he trimmed. My biggest most beautiful olive tree, he stripped bare. It has nothing left but a few sturdy limbs. :( It’s breaks my heart to see it like that. It provided shade for us and shelter for our cats. They loved hiding and playing in it. It also blocked us from direct view of the street. I foolishly did NOT take before and after photo’s. He will be back in February to trim the rose bushes. He and I did not agree on everything. He has a few ideas that I am going to have to fight to not let them be done. I like my bird of paradise the way it is and where it is. He wants to split it all up and divide it along the front wall. Near my beloved olive tree. I do not want that and will beg and plead for it to be left alone. In it’s corner where it provides us with such beauty you think you are in Hawaii. :P I wouldn’t mind something else going along that wall to block out the street a bit.

Michael-John went to a car show. The first one to come here. It got rained out. They told people to bring their tickets and they could get in free. So he did. He enjoyed it. I would like to have gone and taken photo’s.

Taki and I went to the fruit and vegetable place where Maria works (2 days a week for 14 hours) and did some shopping. We then went to a near by coffee shop to bring Maria and two of the gals she works with coffee.

Michael-John’s throat is very sore. It hurts even to chew. When I got to the store to relieve George he told me his chest hurts. Sadly both my boys are sick. I am at work and want to be there to smother them in love, chicken soup and fresh squeezed orange juice, bed rest and what ever I can do for them.

thinking of you and praying for you, Deb

Working up to 16 hours a day 7 day a week took a toll on me. I am down to 8 or 9 hours a day 7 days a week now. I feel much better.

Waiting to hear from a friends friend if we have 3 free round trip tickets to NY in December. Taki, Michael-John and I. Time will tell.

George and I will be working until the end of the month. On November first Taki will open 4 hours in morning close for four hours and then open up in the evening for four hours. If he has businees he will do that for two weeks if not just one week. Rumor has it that we will be full with visitors from the Oriental countries.

Maria is working only one job now. Twice a week from 7am until 9 pm. )The other job was on the other 5 days a week from 5:30 pm until 11 pm.)

thinking of you all, praying for you, Debra


Posted on: August 8, 2014

Alex, the young man that is staying with us wrecked his friends motor bike with him and his friend on it. His friend, Eddie, has two metal discs in his back but is expected to be OK. Alex’s head, face and right arm look like you expect, chewed up, black & blue and swollen. He is up and around. Praise the Lord. I hope they have both learned not to drink and drive.

Maria has a job twice a week. It’s a fruit and vegetable place that opens to the public only twice a week. Her first day was this past Tuesday. She put in 14 hours. Tomorrow is her 2nd day. She is a night owl and this job starts at 7am. he he he

George is working everyday here at the store from 7:30 to 15:30 or later with Taki. He continues to go out most nights until the early morning. Seems like someone I knew. ha ha ha A gal he is dating posted a very horrible but funny photo of him on Facebook. He was furious.

Michael-John continues going to the gym and enjoying it. He still wants to join the boxing club. I refuse to let him. I told him if he still wants to when he is 18 he can. He is angry at me. He helps here three times a week from 15:00 to 20:00. We give him 5 Euros. I also save the coins that customers don’t want so he has pocket money.

Yannis had a job interview this afternoon. I hope he gets the job. 

sending out my love, Deb

I am thinking too much on the trip tomorrow. I am hoping to leave in the evening from here. Arrive very early in the morning there. Go to the office, get the paper work done and return home that evening. Time will tell. My period came after three months. I wanted to wait until it’s over but Michael-John was so frustrated that we weren’t leaving I changed my mind again. I am hoping I find a pair of Summer pants that are comfortable between now and the time we leave tomorrow. Also a t-shirt that I bought from the Donkey Brewery awhile back. It’s black with silver. It is so big and comfortable. Also the last time M-J and I went I packed too much. I can’t decide what to take and what not to take this time. And so my mind is thinking and thinking and over thinking this whole simple trip to Athens.

Last night we were invited to the celebration of Jo’s 50th birthday. (Jo and A.J. come every year or two to Santorini and we have become friends.) It was good food and I liked all the friends that I had a chance to speak with. Wonderful people they have surrounded themselves with. Today we are invited to attend their wedding vow re-newal on a sail boat at sunset and then dinner on that same sailboat. Taki is home resting and I am here at work. I would have liked to do a sunset cruise like that and with them. Tomorrow night we are invited to go with them to the Kamari Open Air cinema. Taki will be working and I will be on my way to Athens. 

God Bless Maria she is looking for the clothes I want for the trip. We will leave in the night, not the afternoon like Michael-John wanted. I am (trying) to look forward to this short trip. I know I have already said that too many times. So, I will drop the subject for now.

Galatea just stopped by on her way to get a massage from Vasielies. She looks GREAT! So fresh, a bit younger, healthier and cute with her new hair cut. <3

Taki just left the shop with Michael-John and Savvas. Savvas is the nephew of Boban who makes the Donkey Beer. ;)


with love, Deb



Posted on: August 2, 2014

That is the word for these days. I am clinging to it. We all have our health. Maria and Yannis are home. Maria has another job interview on Monday. Tonight Maria is working at the shop so Taki and I can go to a 5oth Birthday party. This is a gal we see every year or two with her husband. This year she has invited her family and closest friends to the island. To celbrate her 50th and re-new wedding vows. I am also invited to a Midnight showing at the Open Air Cinema. They have this one time showing for these lovely people, their family and friends. I am so excited to be able to join them there.


Michael-John went swimming today with 10 or more boys and girls from school. His hair is getting lighter and streaked like mine did when I was a kid in Texas.


George works in the store in the day and parties with girls in the night. Girls that he likes but they don’t like him and vice versa. he he he


gotta run, love from Deb

These all describe me these last few days. To add to it, the store has slowed way down. I am worn out, Taki is worn out. George is not helping Taki enough anymore in the mornings. So from 13 to and back to 13 hours a day I go. I had only 4 days of 10 hour shifts. It helped a lot. 

The washing machine is still not fixed and Taki hasn’t bought a new one like he said he would a week ago. The dirty laundry is out of control. Maria is washing a little and I am washing a little but with 7 of us it isn’t near enough.

Today Maria complained about there being not enought groceries in the house. I am taking her shopping tomorrow. Maybe Yannis will come with us to get him out of the house. Maria has two job offers but hasn’t accepted either one yet.

My laptop gave me a notice today that it has been over 30 days since it was updated. It has locked me out of the internet here in the store. I asked Taki to bring it with him and I will go next door and use their internet to update it.

I hope to go to Galatea’s tomorrow night to see her and her Mom.


pray for my anger to end quickly, Deb


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