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I barely saw Michael-John. His face and knee are healing fine. He is off and running again. Maria, George and Yannis went swimming together. I wanted to go to the beach with them but I had to make lunch and then go back to the shop.


We were given a bag of peas in their shell along with some other veggies right out of a friends garden. The pea pods looked “iffy”. I learned to not judge a pea by its pod. The peas inside were beautiful. Mostly VERY big for peas that I am familar with. I cooked them with potatoes and carrots from the same friends farm. I took out enough for myself. I then added, salt, pepper and tomato sauce for the family. I ate mine with a hint of salt and some drops of lemon juice. mmmmm…


At Bible study we prayed for my cousin’s son, Jason. A boy slammed his head into a brick wall. Something to do with a dodge ball game. Horrible for all involved. Pray for the boy who is so young and so violent as we did. Jason is going to be mine. He will be released from the hospital today. Praise the Lord.


It is another beautiful almost Summer day.


I have had work today at the store. I am happy to write. 😀 It sure feels good to have customers who shop. 


Unfortunately I won’t be walking to Fira and then catching a bus home. The last bus towards my neighborhood left about 15 minutes ago. I HAVE to find some other way to get in my walking for today.


Have a great day/evening/night, with love, Deb


Maria got a call on the 24th to tell her they were not hiring her after all. She was due to start her old job as a receptionist on the 28th. oh well… She will now be working at a sailing center office. Praise the Lord she has a job.


I rushed home Saturday night with horrible cramps and I was cold. As I burst through the door with only thought of my bed, I saw Michael-John on the couch. I freaked his faced near his eye was scratched  and swollen. His knee was scratched too. Taki hadn’t warned me. I stopped and took a good look at him. It didn’t need stitches and I hope it won’t leave a scar.  It turns out he tripped on a rock and caught himself with the side of his face instead of his hands. Poor kid! He spent Sunday’s work shift with me at the store. Today he is out and about again just not running.


It is hot and sunny again today and the sea looks like a mirror.


I went to Galatea’s last night after work. We watched a scary movie and ate some pasta. It was comforting even though I was still in pain.


I was to walk about a mile and then take the bus home and then walk about another half mile but it has been chaos at the store. I am staying late to help Taki so I can to go to the Bible Study meeting tomorrow morning. I have missed going.


I still haven’t lost any more weight but I still have hope. No sugar no fat should help me do it. lol hanging in there and praying, wtih love, Deb

…to start posting a little something each day from today. 🙂


Michale-John surpised me today by doing laundry. Hanging up the wet ones he found. Washing another load and then hanging them up too. Hugs to my 13 year boy helper!


Yannis came back two days ago. That was the last I have seen of Maria. The poor things have been separated for months.


It is a lovely, bright, sunny today. I am sitting in the shop where it feels like the inside of a refrigerator. 😛


In the Winter I lost 11 pounds by trying VERY hard. I then spent 10 days in the hospital on the mainland and lost another 11. I was on an IV with not even water being allowed for 5 days. I am fine now. I am on a VERY strict diet until gallbladder surgery on June 5. It was a horrible experience. They sent me and Maria to the mainland in a tiny emergency airplane. I was in horrible pain. I would not have survived without praying to the Lord and having Maria with me. I NEVER want to go through that again. On the good side of this story. I have been given a second chance. I do not have any other health issues. (kidney’s, heart, blood pressure, diabetes all in good condition :D)


be well and tell those you love out loud to their face that you love them, Deb


Posted on: April 24, 2013

I will be up and posting again soon. I have missed being here with you all. 😀