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In the last few days I have seen an Angels wing, a hen with two chicks and a piglet in the clouds. This morning in the car the whole family got to see a big fat RAINBOW! If we weren’t running late I would have stopped to stare at it awhile. So big, bright and pretty.

For fun I did this. I came out with 52% agreement with President Obama and 30% with Romney. I did not check out any of the others. I sent in my absentee ballet. If I get it in time I am voting for President Obama. I am glad I agreed with him a majority of the time. 🙂

It rains, turns bright and sunny, darkens and rains again. This is the way we would know that Fall has arrived here on Santorini, if we didn’t have a calendar. 😛

For many years now the local government has said they would turn the parking lot accross the street into a park area (benches, trees and so on). This year they even notified the neighborhood and posted photo copies saying that it would be started Monday the 22nd of October 2012. Today is Wednesday the 24 of October 2012. There are two men measuring. I was excited until Goglee said this is the fourth time they have come to measure it. rotflol… There is one difference today, they have a can of spray paint ,red and white striped plastic . They used the plastic to mark off a small area of the parking lot 😛

Today the part for our car is supposed to arrive. This means we may have the car back today! Praise the Lord!

Remember to treat others like you want them to treat you, love the ones you love like there is no tomorrow, wtih  my love to you, Deb