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Almost everyday I want to share something, almost everyday I never get around to writing anything here. 😦


We are all fine. I am still working 8am to 1pm and then 4pm to Midnight most days. George will soon be done with final exams. Then I will be able to work from about 3pm until midnight. Yeah! He is still insisting on Sundays off. I told him once school is out he is done with that. I am a cruel Mom and a tuff boss. 😛


I don’t see much of Maria. If she is awake before I leave in the morning we will have a quick chat. She is doing good.


Michael-John took his first level English test yesterday. It cost us 196 Euros or about $253. It will be worth it if he did a good job. It will help him in the future. We hope George will go back to English school and finish like Maria did. 🙂


I have altered the Dr.’s advice on no fat. I have moved up my yogurt from 0% to 2% and I enjoy eating it. I have moved my milk from 0% to 1.5% like I have drank since living here. I now enjoy it. 😛 I still boil most of my food or eat it raw. It is getting boring. This gal reminds me of what I looked like back in 1982. lol or what I remember myself looking like…rotflol


Now that I am here my mind has gone blank!!!


I got my first email from Mom the other day. That tickled me to no end!!! I am so proud of her.


Well all the little bits that I want to share have deserted me, more soon with love from Deb



It really was my intention to write a bit every day. It went with the wind. 


I had to write a bit today because I did something that I have put off since last year. The guy we sold our restaurant to came all the time and took our small bags to use  for his take out or deliveries. He took huge amounts. All last year I made jokes about how I was supplying him with bags and he laughed. This year I started with the joking again. The second time I mentioned to his wife that he had just taken a huge amount of bags the day before. I then asked if they didn’t buy bags for themselves? She got annoyed and said we always buy bags we just ran out. She took a small amount and left. Today the guy comes in and grabs a huge amount. I said you took some three days ago and your wife took some last night, Come on Man am I going to supply you this year like I did last year, that’s it that’s enough. He said oh come on. I did not reply. He took his latest haul, put them back, turned his face to an ugly mask, paid and stomped out. I am relieved. It is good that he shops here a lot but not enough to cover the amount of our bags he hauls off for free. His bit last year was that he was giving us free advertising. Anyway…


I have not broke the news to my kids or Taki yet but I want you all to pray for me. I have decided not to have my gall bladder removed. I called the surgeon to cancel. He said OK but you have to know that it will need to come out at some point. I am not doubting him but I am putting my faith in the Lord and myself to eat right.  I have lost 26 pounds so far. I feel better and most folks who see me tell me they see a big difference. I can’t see a difference but some of my clothes are loose. Also today I am wearing a dress I haven’t worn in years and it is big on me instead of too small. I am determined to continue this. It will only bring me good things.


Maria is enjoying the job she has this year at a sailing office. The people she works for and with are likeable. I take her lunch everyday. They always greet me with a smile. I appreciate that and like that in people who work in a public service place.


George and Michael-John had two weeks off for Easter. They went to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. They go back to school on Tuesday of next week for their first final exam.


Taki and I are sleeping like rocks or logs at night. I work 8am to 1pk then come back at 4pm and stay until Midnight. He works 8am to 4pm then comes back at 8pm. It will be less hours for us both once George is finished with school.


that’s about it for now, be well, tell the ones you love that you love them at least once a day, also get in a hug or two if you can, love from Deb

George, Maria and Michael-John are all off doing something with someone. lol Taki is next door at the tavern. I am of course minding the store. Taki asked me to wait here with him until Midnight. That is when Jesus has risen and the most of Greece goes nuts with fireworks, large loud firecrackers, candles and then everyone pigs out on food and wine. This will continue until Monday. Tuesday everyone is back to business. It is going to be VERY hard for me because the things I am allowed to eat are VERY limited. I will survive and be healthier and happier for it. 


with love, Deb