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Feeling good today but the greyness of anxiety is hanging in the background just waiting to attack me. Yesterday was a good day. I mangaged to make lunch and wash the dishes. Today I had a shower and came to work. These sound like nothing to most folks but trust me with anxeity trying to run your life they are HUGE accompliments. 🙂


A man asked if he could pay with American Dollars. I agreed if it wasn’t over $50. He paid and then the next person in line ask if he could pay in $’s I agreed. With the first man I explained I was saving a small bit at a time so I could go back to America for a trip. We continued talking. I mentioned the free tickets I got last year and how amazing it was to see family and friends after 12 years. He left. The 2nd man over paid and brought tears to my eyes…I was to get $34 from him, he gave me $40 and told me to enjoy my trip home. As I write I am crying again. Silly I know but it really moved me.


I miss church but it is held in the middle of the time I sleep. I miss my church family. Theirs hugs, kisses and support. When things are bad I give them word that I need extra prayers.


Tomorrow two young girls are coming to stay with us for a few days. I am nervous and so happy to be able to have them stay with us. I want them to have a good time. I plan to make one or with God’s help two good traditional Greek meals for them. I had planned on picking them up tomorrow from the youth hostel. Taki has some errands to run in the morning so we will see how that works out.


God Bless you. Remember to try and treat others like you want them to  treat you.








A new day, a new beginning. It sounds cliche? Perhaps. We are the sum total of our experiences. We are our past. We spend and awful amount of time worrying, analyzing, deconstructing the past. But we should never do so at the expense of the present moment.

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It’s been a long time. Sadly not much to say right now. Just wanted to see if I could still get here.


It’s been a long, busy day at the shop. Thank God.


Big problems with a guy we order from. I thought Taki would explode he was so mad. They sent all kinds of things that we never ordered.


George is home on a short break.


with love, Deb