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August 14 – National Creamsicle Day. I am re-blogging this blog. Please click on the link to find the  blogger and join his blog, it’s great.


It is official the Summer workers, like us, will not be getting their money this Winter. It is money we earned. How we get throught the Winter is in the hands of God alone. We have nothing for the Winter now. This is scarey but the Lord will provide. I have made really good peach jam, OK apricot jam and loads of tomato sauce. These things will help. It looks like we will have another Winter of dried beans, lentils and loads of pasta. That is OK. At least we have a roof over our heads and a car that runs. How will you do it this Winter? love from Deb

I had a bad headache most of the day. Lunch was leftover pasta from yesterday. (homemade tomato sauce, olive oil and homemade Tex-Mex spice mix) I read and slept most of the day before coming to work. George came home from his two day trip to Ios (ee-os). I hope he brought me some postcards. The store has been very busy today, thank God. I have no idea what to make for lunch tomorrow. I miss getting emails from friends and family. I want a day off.


bye for now…and love to you and yours, Deb

I read an article by a writer today. His advice is to write everyday. Even if you write only a few words. My goal when I started here was to keep my family and friends up to date on our lives here. We are all so far away. I never expected any strangers to stop by. Those of you who do must be bored silly. lol The funny thing is that the friends and family I write for do not follow me. I have sent the link a few times with no luck. lol

More on the Athens trip…Learning how the system works to be here legally was a frustrating one and a huge lesson in patience. The rules as I remember them.

1. Appear at 7am and write your name on the list. There are only 50 names allowed in one day.

2. The list is closed at 9am. No matter how many names are on the 50 limit list.

3. Wait until 10 am for the names to be called. Wait while the two guys handling the list get interrupted almost non-stop. Even though they say stand behind the rope and wait for your number to be called. We will then answer all your questions.

4. When your name does get called get ready to be turned down over and over to be given a new  number. This number will be called later to let you be able to enter the building.

5. Once you are in the dirty building be prepared to wait AGAIN in a similar situation to #3.

Ok the boss is here I get to go home now…yeah…with love Deb