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In the last few days I have seen an Angels wing, a hen with two chicks and a piglet in the clouds. This morning in the car the whole family got to see a big fat RAINBOW! If we weren’t running late I would have stopped to stare at it awhile. So big, bright and pretty.

For fun I did this. I came out with 52% agreement with President Obama and 30% with Romney. I did not check out any of the others. I sent in my absentee ballet. If I get it in time I am voting for President Obama. I am glad I agreed with him a majority of the time. 🙂

It rains, turns bright and sunny, darkens and rains again. This is the way we would know that Fall has arrived here on Santorini, if we didn’t have a calendar. 😛

For many years now the local government has said they would turn the parking lot accross the street into a park area (benches, trees and so on). This year they even notified the neighborhood and posted photo copies saying that it would be started Monday the 22nd of October 2012. Today is Wednesday the 24 of October 2012. There are two men measuring. I was excited until Goglee said this is the fourth time they have come to measure it. rotflol… There is one difference today, they have a can of spray paint ,red and white striped plastic . They used the plastic to mark off a small area of the parking lot 😛

Today the part for our car is supposed to arrive. This means we may have the car back today! Praise the Lord!

Remember to treat others like you want them to treat you, love the ones you love like there is no tomorrow, wtih  my love to you, Deb


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September 29 – National Mocha Day.

Maria sent in her school applications. Yeah! 🙂 

Soon after we opened the store the electricity went off for about half and hour. Taki tried to charge his cell phone and we both laughed because the electricity was off. Then a little while after that I tried to use the little frappe maker. lol…duh Deb! 😛

Taki left to go do some business in Fira. The newspaper/magazine bill came for the shop. I paid the young man. Then I proceeded to tear apart the document to use as scrap paper. What and idiotic thing to do. I don’t know what possessed me.

Taki had to run an errand and I was panicing. It was the first Bible study meeting for this Winter. He made it back by 10:10 and the meeting started at 10:00. I got there first and some ladies didn’t make it at all. 😦  Today was the first time I got to go since May! 😀 It was great. It uplifted me.

So I left there at 12 noon. Went to big super market in my neighborhood. I got ground meat then rushed home to whip up some Tex-Mex. (burritos and tacos) I then took a one hour nap.

George called me to ask me to pick him up on my way to the shop. He got money for the weekend from Taki. Then he and his friend got some junk food and took off. It’s Friday night ya know. 😛

I woke up two minutes before the alarm clock should go off. At the time it was to go off it didn’t. he he he I should have hit the alarm button after setting the time but I hadn’t! WHEW! 😛

While I was cooking the ground meat I found three bits of blue. On the first bit I felt sick. Then I realized it was from the die that they use to prove the meat has been inspected. It was still weird to pull out three bits of blue.

I worked two to ten. Now I am working four to midnight.

OK! God Bless you and don’t forget to do unto others as you would have them do unto you…with love, Deb

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September 10 – National Hot Dog Day.

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September 7 – National Beer Lover’s Day.

Posted on: September 24, 2012

This is a VERY good way to get unwilling vegetable eaters to eat some cauliflower. Hope it helps. Also don’t forget to stop by this guy’s blog to check out his other recipe’s.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Eat your vegetables!

How many parents have said that over the years. How many kids have given them the stubborn look, crossed their arms and pouted? I’d venture to guess the answer is most. Every parent comes up with different schemes to make it happen. Some get lucky and the kids don’t have any problems with vegetables. Other try to use force or cajoling. As mentioned in a previous post, we quickly went the route of stating that no other eating could take place until they were gone.

Like some other parents, I had an aunt that would serve problem vegetables frozen. They all tasted like little balls of ice. Doesn’t sound overly appetizing, but if it works….

Other parents really tried to hide the vegetables in favorite foods. Puree them and add it to the recipe. Cover it up with something that tasted good. This recipe does that very…

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I could not resist sharing this. They use some Oregon Hops in their Yellow Donkey Beer. How cool is that? 😀