dress, shoes, shopping, George, Maria, Michael-John, Taki

Posted on: September 27, 2016

I wore a dress to the wedding that I already had. It worked. I bought shoes at a shop where I had gone to get cat food. They cost 6 Euros and were simple and pretty and looked good. Even though they were flats, they made my toes hurt and slipped off my heel, oh well. I forgot to get a picture of Taki and I together at the wedding, sadly. I never got a chance to shop with Maria for a dress. Taki, her and I stopped once but the shop was closed that sold dresses in my size.

George is on part time at the store until he and Evie leave for Canada and then America. It’s so nice having him and her around. Today he said Mom here is a surprise for you. It was a pack of Oreo’s. The center is strawberry cheescake flavor. He is so sweet.

Michael-John is going to school and sleeping.

Maria, Michael-John and I are keeping the kitchen clean. Yeah!

Taki has decided that he will pick me up at the house everyday for my shift since George is here. It sure feels good to sleep in. Tomorrow I will come up anyway. I will go to a jewelry shop where a friend works. I want to get my ring size. Marina who works next door to our shop wants to send me a ring from Georgia (formely part of Russia). I am also going to give that friend 45 Euros. This covers my share of the money for a girl we sponsor in Peru. All members of the Bible Study group give money if they want or can and then we divde it up for a year.

remember to love yourself and those around you, Debra




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Love & hugs to all of you!

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