frustration, sickness, hope, a new dress and shoes, mandatory military service, America, pen pals

Posted on: September 17, 2016

Once again I am frustrated with our work partner. Once again things that should arrive in a refrigerator truck arrived in a regular truck. Earlier today it was 37c. It’s now about 30c. The only thing sent in a refrigerator truck is ice. I have complained about this many times. I no longer complain but I remain frustrated.

Taki has a bad cold. I wanted to close the shop early last night but he wouldn’t. He is of course worse today and may not come at all tonight. Well, he will come to close the shop with me about midnight. That means I will work from 3 pm to midnight alone.

I hold onto to hope for someone to be cured and I pray for them. My prayers will not be answered until this person seeks help. If you believe in prayer, pray for them without knowing their name, it helps.

A young couple is getting married next Saturday and they invited us to their wedding. I am tired, so tired. (10 to 13 hours a day 7 days a week since April) I have known the groom to be since he was about 5 years old and met his bride to be about 10 years ago when they started dating. She had told me that they would have a small wedding with only family and close friends. I was surprised to be invited. I almost cried when she handed me the invitation. Anyway, I have to buy a dress and shoes. I have nothing even close to what I could wear to a wedding. Taki thinks he has some things to wear. lol The point of all this is I don’t have time or energy to go shopping. he he he Maria wants to come with me but she gets off work the same time I start work.

George’s mandatory military service ends tomorrow. He will be home on the 20th due to the ferry schedule! He plans to go Oregon (hold on Grammy!), Washington, Hawaii and Canada this year. It has not been confirmed yet but it’s what he and Evie have planned.  He hasn’t been to America since he was 2 years old!!! Another thing I am praying about is that he makes it to America and that his Grandpa will get to see him. (Grandpa lives in California with Grandma Vladia)

I have a few penpals and I like writing to them on postcards. One gal I don’t hear from much anymore but I continue to write her. I have been corressponding with an English couple who come here every two years. They were not able to make it this year. So they sent us presents. The husband with Taki and Michael-John are on opposing teams for English football (soccer) teams. The man told us he held his head in shame as he walked into their teams gift shop to buy presents for them. he he he


Okay, that’s enough for now, love one another,

love , Debra






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