The early bird gets the worm.

Posted on: October 20, 2015

Got up at 6:15 so I could have the car to visit Galatea and her sister Thalassa. Thalassa hasn’t been here for 3 years. It was hard but I did it.

We ate, drank coffee and chatted, mostly about movies. lol

I went home and tried to have a nap. In the back of my mind I was afraid of oversleeping and didn’t really rest. 

Taki has left me at the store by myself since 3 pm. It is now 22:41 and we close at 23:30. He is at home watching a soccer game. He was going to leave the car with me but changed his mind. 

My period is on it’s way. Warning signs are light cramps and a backache. 😦

The fog was so heavy this morning we could barely see to drive. Tonight the wind is warm. 

have a good night and be kind to others, Debra


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