Posted on: August 8, 2014

Alex, the young man that is staying with us wrecked his friends motor bike with him and his friend on it. His friend, Eddie, has two metal discs in his back but is expected to be OK. Alex’s head, face and right arm look like you expect, chewed up, black & blue and swollen. He is up and around. Praise the Lord. I hope they have both learned not to drink and drive.

Maria has a job twice a week. It’s a fruit and vegetable place that opens to the public only twice a week. Her first day was this past Tuesday. She put in 14 hours. Tomorrow is her 2nd day. She is a night owl and this job starts at 7am. he he he

George is working everyday here at the store from 7:30 to 15:30 or later with Taki. He continues to go out most nights until the early morning. Seems like someone I knew. ha ha ha A gal he is dating posted a very horrible but funny photo of him on Facebook. He was furious.

Michael-John continues going to the gym and enjoying it. He still wants to join the boxing club. I refuse to let him. I told him if he still wants to when he is 18 he can. He is angry at me. He helps here three times a week from 15:00 to 20:00. We give him 5 Euros. I also save the coins that customers don’t want so he has pocket money.

Yannis had a job interview this afternoon. I hope he gets the job. 

sending out my love, Deb


1 Response to "kids"

You all are in our thought every day. those kids are lucky to have you and Taki 🙂

We are all doing well. Mom is doing much better, her leg is healing well.


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