Posted on: August 2, 2014

That is the word for these days. I am clinging to it. We all have our health. Maria and Yannis are home. Maria has another job interview on Monday. Tonight Maria is working at the shop so Taki and I can go to a 5oth Birthday party. This is a gal we see every year or two with her husband. This year she has invited her family and closest friends to the island. To celbrate her 50th and re-new wedding vows. I am also invited to a Midnight showing at the Open Air Cinema. They have this one time showing for these lovely people, their family and friends. I am so excited to be able to join them there.


Michael-John went swimming today with 10 or more boys and girls from school. His hair is getting lighter and streaked like mine did when I was a kid in Texas.


George works in the store in the day and parties with girls in the night. Girls that he likes but they don’t like him and vice versa. he he he


gotta run, love from Deb


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