anger, frustration, loss of patience

Posted on: July 30, 2014

These all describe me these last few days. To add to it, the store has slowed way down. I am worn out, Taki is worn out. George is not helping Taki enough anymore in the mornings. So from 13 to and back to 13 hours a day I go. I had only 4 days of 10 hour shifts. It helped a lot. 

The washing machine is still not fixed and Taki hasn’t bought a new one like he said he would a week ago. The dirty laundry is out of control. Maria is washing a little and I am washing a little but with 7 of us it isn’t near enough.

Today Maria complained about there being not enought groceries in the house. I am taking her shopping tomorrow. Maybe Yannis will come with us to get him out of the house. Maria has two job offers but hasn’t accepted either one yet.

My laptop gave me a notice today that it has been over 30 days since it was updated. It has locked me out of the internet here in the store. I asked Taki to bring it with him and I will go next door and use their internet to update it.

I hope to go to Galatea’s tomorrow night to see her and her Mom.


pray for my anger to end quickly, Deb


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Things will get better, they always do. Love & hugs-Becca

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