Maria and Yannis

Posted on: July 25, 2014

They are back home with us. Maria has had two job interviews. One was ridiculous hours. The other called back to say they weren’t busy enough to hire her after all. Yannis has no papers so it will be harder for him. It is wonderful having them home again.

Muriel and Kernel came and left (Muriel is Kent’s older sister). It was emotional, wonderful, full of pain, memories. The greatest pleasure was that they were able to meet the kids and Taki.

George’s Godfather passed away this morning. Of all the Godparents he was the best towards George. Maria never met hers after she was baptized and Michael-John’s quit contacting him at about the age of 5.

The store is busy most days but 13 hours a day and more for 7 days a week is taking it’s toll. I went home early last night because I was having an anxiety attack. To make matters worse. We are supposed to be paid on the 1st, it’s the 25th and still no money! I called and raised my voice today. He said Monday or Tuesday. How stupid is this? That is what he said everyday last week!!!

Michael-John is enjoying the gym. He paid for it with his own money. Taki and Maria said it is bad for him. There are trainers there to teach and watch him for his age and size.

love from Deb



2 Responses to "Maria and Yannis"

Dear Deb,

Just talked to Dad is sounds great and says he is doing well.

Mom is doing better, we have an appt. with the surgeon on Tuesday to check her leg, and hopefully say she can get by with just the walker and not have to keep using the wheelchair part time.

I’m glad Maria and Yanis are back, hopefully they will find jobs soon.

Jackson just turned two, I need to upload some pictures, but our computer is SO SLOW and I have ZERO patience.

Renee and I are going to the beach for a few days, so that will be fun—just girls 🙂

Wish you were here or I was there. Love & hugs-Becca

OK, ‘Becca, thanks for the update. I send you all love. That is some priceless time for you and Renee, give her a hug from me.

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