Not much to report.

Posted on: July 11, 2014

Two days in a row, I got next to nothing done at home. Today, I did laundry dishes and lunch. That makes me feel better but not good. I made a spaghetti with a garlic/yogurt sauce for the first time. It was yummy. I will make it again. These 13 hour work days are taking their toll. I continue to work on my little art projects and this gives me distraction from the stress.

I didn’t see Michael-John for even one minute today. 😦 He was sleeping when I left in the morning. He wasn’t at home when I returned home for a break or when I left to do my second shift.

George was messing around with a gal from Norway last night. he he he His neck shows off the results of it this morning. ha ha ah ha

Still no news from Maria about when and now I wonder, IF, they will return.

It is and has been foggy all day. The sun was dull and when it went down it got wetter and cold. Feels like Winter again. This is bad for me but much worse for the visitors. They don’t get to see the sunset or the view that they pay so much extra for.

I am frustrated. It has been a slow day. I wanted to go home but Taki asked me to stay. So he is socializing for hours and I am at the cash register. I could have gone home early and got a little work done or a craft project or watched a movie. he he he he I am cold and bored and sleepy and I have almost 2 hours left. 

At least this year we aren’t paying our ex-employee to sit around for 3 of the 4 hours we were paying him for.

I picked two of the little tomatoes that were perfectly ripe. Unfortunately they were rotten on their bottom sides.

That’s if for now. keeping you all in my prayers, Deb



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