long day, emotions way up and way down,

Posted on: July 8, 2014

Tried, unsucessfully to upload some photo’s. I will keep trying. 

The wind was back this morning. As powerful as before and full of dirt. I was worried abot the stores computer again but it soon calmed down.

As Taki, George and I opened the store Murphy’s law descended on us. We were all frustrated and angry with each other and all the things that were going wrong. Taki and George were to go get his paper work done but things were in such a mess that after three hours. Taki told me to go home.

When I returned in the afternoon things had all gone back the way they should have been. We changed over to Michael-John me and his friend Adrew. I mostly worked on the postcards and tourist books. We have always let the salesman make the orders and fill up the racks. It has always bothered me but Taki wanted it that way. Anyway, today I found two old beat up looking boxes with postcards and tourists books. We had two similar boxes delivered a few days ago. I asked Taki if he would mind if I checked everything out for myself this once. To my delighted surprise he said yes. What I found made me angry for not following my instincts and taking over years ago. The salesman had ordered the same small and large books that we were already full of, he ordered for us none that were missing and no cookbooks, which we need. So we have several extra’s of the books that the racks are already full of but none that are missing. Strange, he did this with the new postcards by ordering many of the same ones we already have in the old box. So it is all straightened out now. We will send back all the extra books. We will turn over postcards that are not in shape to be sold. The extra postcards will keep and fill the racks up as needed. This is such a load of frustration lifted from me. Praise the Lord. Taki seems to be opening up more and more to me being more of a partner in the shop. He will always have the final word but it’s good to heard when my instincts are kicking in. 😀

Today I was not successful at home work. I will make an effort tomorrow.

Muriel and the Kernel will be here this month. I wish Kent could have come with them. Maybe some other time. Kent told me that they have loaded up on Reese’s and Beef Jerky for us. Maria, who is still in Albania told me to save her some. She sent me some photo’s in chat and she looks fantastic. I wish I sould share them here. 

Taki is next door watching another soccer game. The last I heard it was Germany 5 and Brazil 0. This is not a game it’s a slaughter. I hear cheers with each goal and foul are bad call. lol

The book shop that delivers the Greek newspapers today, out of the blue, added some German magazines. I hope they sell. It would be great if we could get the English ones too. 😛

I have 80 points for a Ruffles game. If I get in at the right time, with those points, I will win a mini-Galaxy phone for Michael-John. I missed it three times today. Keep me in your prayers that I will get it right tomorrow. he he he He wants that phone VERY much. I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

It’s 12:45 am, so I will stop now. Check emails and FB, with love, Deb



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Love you all very much-Becca

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