The wind, yet again. A few firsts for George. At home.

Posted on: July 7, 2014

We closed the store as usual last night about 1 am. We came to the store about 7:30 am as usual. We turned on the computer but it wouldn’t do anything. It was on but doing nothing. The computer here at the store is our cash register. We called the computer programmer. He suggested buying a new keyboard. Taki took off to do that. George and I continued to open up. Taki arrived with the new keyboard and we had the same problem. Next call was to a computer repair guy. Taki sent George and I off.

Our first stop was to a bank. George went inside by himself, I was not allowed to go. Being a 19 year doesn’t mean your Mom doesn’t want to tag along to witness your first time. He opened his first bank account and got his first debit card to go with it. Next stop was to an office called IKA (Like Social Security in America.). We were on our way to a third place for more paper work when Taki called us to come back to the store.

The computer repair man dusted off a few things inside the tower. The computer is up and running as good as new. That wind was blowing around so much dirt that it clogged our computer up. It turns out that we will return the new keyboard tomorrow. The buttons we use are in differnt places on the new one so I have to work slower. 

I was at the shop for about three hours. At home I managed to wash the dishes,do 2 loads of laundry, a little work in the garden and make lunch. (fresh peas and potatoes in tomato sauce, a traditional Greek dish) I had one small annoying accident at home. As I sat some dirty dishes down next to the grater I grated a bit of my skin off. It burned while I washed the rest of the dishes. To cheer myself up I put on a blue fish bandaid when all the washing was done. It matches my clothes today. A bit of silly fun to make me smile.

Maria and Yannis have not given the date of their return yet. I hold onto hope that they will both find work when they get here.

Michael-John is going swimming at Kamari again today with friends.

George and his friends are having a bar-g-q.

I am working and so is Taki.

Tomorrow I hope to make my first batch of cherry jam. I am so excited. If it turns out as tasty or half as tasty I will be happy. I haven’t been able to make peach yet but I will. The apricot and strawberry were amazing.

keeping you in my prayers, Deb


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