the wind

Posted on: July 6, 2014

It has left us today. We are back to hot and muggy. What a horrible wind it was and for 48 hours. Locals and visitors suffered. Anyway…

Maria and Yanni will be coming home soon. I am sad they didn’t get to England as was their wish. They will stay with us. This means moving Michael-John and Alex up stairs. Alex is a childhood freind and needs a place to stay so we have him. The wonderful thing is that Maria has a job offer (as of this morning) waiting for her here already. That is a blessing. So keep praying that Yanni will get one too. By staying with us they will have no living expenses. 

I am refreshed and even some tourists commented on it. 😛 I had the morning off. I relaxed, worked on my postcards and making some bookmarks for an exchange on This also means I have a 10 hour shift instead of the usual 13 or more. I needed this. I am almost relaxed. It feels great.

We are having less work the last four days. I hope it picks up. I am holding onto the hope that this Winter we will not struggle to survive.

I hope to learn to upload photo’s here at some point.

The garden is small and needs weeding but it’s the best we have had in the last few years. listening to this in the background at the store

sending up prayers for you all, Deb


1 Response to "the wind"

Hi Deb,
We are all well. Just busy. It has been VERY hot, but at least no rain 🙂
Love & hugs to all of you.

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