Posted on: April 8, 2014

I went to the bank for the first time by myself. he he he The funnest thing about it was that they now have a machine where you take a number and wait your turn. Taki and I had been there together just after they started this system. We got #46 and yesterday I got #46. That tickled me to no end. 😀 I went to a huge new super market (AB or Alfa Vita). It is beautiful, so full, modern, bright and clean. In Athens they used to have a lot of American products. Not here, oh well. That was part of my excitement when I heard they were going to open one here on Santorini. It was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. I gave Taki roses and other flowers from the garden. (I take care of the garden). He bought me fresh strawberries. YUM! I watched 3 more episodes of Breaking Bad with Galatea. It rained like crazy in the night. I drove home slowly.

Today…I shelled about 5 kilo’s (11 pounds) of fresh peas, grown locally. It took me over an hour. My right shoulder was hurting and my hands were tired. I am getting older. I made a baguette into pizza with a few bits and pieces I had in the fridge and some sauce I had frozen from the last time Taki made pizza dough. I liked it. Michael-John wouldn’t touch it. Taki and George went home after I got to the shop. I will find out what they thought later. The sun was out for awhile then it was cloudy and cool and is getting cooler as the sun sets. 

Michael-John is very happy some of his flower seeds have started coming up. I wish I had a camera to capture that moment and the ones to follow as he becomes a gardener.

I want a camera and an external hard drive. I also want to visit Austria to see my friends who come twice a year to the island. Time will tell. If things continue I may be able to save enough to go to the states in 2 years.

Thank God all our NEEDS are being met. Now if I could afford a house keeper I would try hard not to WANT anything else. lol

with love and faith, Deb


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