1st day of work for this season

Posted on: April 4, 2014

I will have internet access every day now.  

The owners of the building where we rent the space for our shop have parked an old truck of theirs in the 2 car parking space next to our shop. They have now blocked us and anyone else wanting to use that space. They haven’t moved the old thing in over a week. oh well…

The guy who has the restaurant across the street had over half of his plants stolen over the Winter. That was what he told me when I asked him where all his plants were. Huge potted plants. That is a lot of money to replace them. The tavern next door has painted all their tables and chairs white. It is refreshing.

Maria and Yannis are still in Albania awaiting their departure date for England. They are healthy, young and in love. I still pray for them.

Michael-John continues to hate going to English school. He has joined a free German class that meets twice a week and he is enjoying that very much. Every bit of extra money he gets he saves towards getting a new chain for the bicycle that he has been re-building from lots of old thrown out bikes that he salvaged. He is almost ready after his birthday.

Haven’t spoken to Mom in days. I continue to pray for her. She has told me that she is going to be OK. Praise the Lord.

I am grateful to have a job but I would prefer to be a stay at home Mom.

wishing you faith, hope and love, Deb


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