Posted on: December 18, 2013

I am not enjoying these cold days. The whole house is cold. The only warmth is near the fireplace or under the covers in bed. lol We had a few days of beautiful Spring like weather. They were wonderful.

Went to Maria and Yannis apt. It is like a studio size in America. It’s nice. It was Yannis Birthday. I took him cupcakes. Maria later told me that all his family and friends who ate them liked them very much. That made me happy.  His were with orange rind to flavor them. I made the same recipe for the church carol service with vanilla flavoring. They were well recieved.

Michael-John did poorly in school and at his English school. He was sad, Taki was mad and I felt disappointed. We will know soon how George did.

Maria and Yannis will leave for England some time in January 2014. I am praying it works out for them.

I am at the store to use the internet. My nose feels frozen so I called Taki to come get me. lol Our laptop has locked me out of the internet here. I did all the things it told me to do to solve the problem and none of it worked. 😦 I eventually prayed which is what I should have done in the first place. I then pressed the re-set button on the internet box thing, tried the internet on the laptop again and my prayer was answered. Praise The Lord!!!


Merry Christmas (as in Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ our Saviour) and a happiness, health, faith with family and friends in 2014,


and one more thing, Taki and sometimes Michael-John have been joining me at the dinners that some of the memeber hold after church  on Saturday nights. Taki is making friends and enjoying himself.


1 Response to "Cold"

Dear Deb,

The cold has let up here, but now it is raining of course! We are all well.

Merry Christmas to all of you! (In case the card doesn’t get there in time)

Love & hugs,

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