Well hello…

Posted on: December 11, 2013

I tried to get here a few times but didn’t get in.

How are you today?

It snowed for about 5 minutes here today and I giggled the whole time. It tickled me to be see it.

It’s VERY windy and it’s so cold cold it hurts.

Yesterday was very busy and emotional. I was here at the shop for two hours to be online. Taki then dropped me at Virginia’s for Bible Study. I drank two cups of coffee, ate a sesame bread ring and an apple muffin that Virginia had made. It was delicious. We sometimes get distracted but yesterday was a GOOD meeting. We discussed Bible related topics and continued to study the word Grace as it means in the Bible. Then Taki picked me up and we went home. He made lunch and I worked on the clothes. Then Michael-John and I picked Galatea up at the port. We took her to the fresh fruit/vegetable place and then the super market. We left her at her home and went to ours. When it was time for bed I was heading into an anxiety attack. I prayed and prayed and prayed and slept and the attack never came.

Today I have done nothing but online things. I will go home soon.

love and let yourself be loved, Deb





1 Response to "Well hello…"

Dear Deb,
It has been very cold here too…we got more than five minutes of snow. It is gone now but had freezing fog on the road to work this morning-slick in spots.
I saw Dad last week and he looks good, and is feeling better. He worries about all of you, and all of us. I told him we are okay. Hopefully you guys are too.

You are in my thoughts every day. Love you, Becca

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