Posted on: October 29, 2013

The ones you love can hurt  you the most. Recently a friend hurt my feelings. It’s OK, it happens. I can’t make her see it my way and I can’t see it her way. So it’s hurts and it will stick with me. Also I found what she did rude.

The kids got a box of shoes and clothes from their Grammy, the boys went nuts with their shoes. George and Michael-John said the shoes are the best “skate shoes” made!  Maria is already wearing one oh her shirts.

I saw a bit of the sunset this evening it was lovely.

My last day of work will be Halloween Day. My first day off since being in the hospital in April will be November 1st. I am so excited.  I have bulbs and seeds to plant. A house to clean from top to bottom and then paint. Taki will be helping sometime in November. He is keeping the shop open to see how it goes.

I like watching people or people watching. On the way to work this afternoon. M-J and I stopped in Fira to get a souvlaki or gyro with pita. I enjoyed watching the people while we waited for our food. If we had left earlier I would have eaten there so I could continue to “people watch”.

with love, Deb



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