another day, another dollar (Euro)

Posted on: October 22, 2013

Another hot sunny day with early clouds that burned away.

I left the store just before 10 am. I went to Virginia’s house for the weekly Bible study. Just before I got there the electricity was turned off. Oh well. It was a bright day and her house had plenty of light. She was upset because she couldn’t serve us coffee or warm food. She is so sensitive. God Bless Her. Vanessa, Helen and just at the end Joan came. We didn’t do much studying today. We mostly prayed. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I didn’t know I was carrying anything there. Praise the Lord.

It is cold inside the shop because of the open fridges. My toes always get cold. I am wearing leather athletic shoes with thick socks. I get up and walk around and still they remain cold. They get warm after a little while in bed. lol We still have customers and they are all lovely people. A few of them are disappointed that we are closing at the end of the month. They say they don’t like the other shop at all. It is wonderful to still have customers but I am so worn out. All of the folks coming in are so lovely. That in itself is making it easier to be here. I just want to sleep for awhile, then re-open. 😛 We won’t open up again until March.

There is a young couple outside arguing. 😦 He was just in to buy cigarettes. I hope they work it out. How bad is it to be on holiday and arguing?

Michael-John came up with Taki so I am sitting here so he can use the internet. I wanted to go home early and to bed. Oh well. What good is it to have a laptop if you can’t get online with it. I stayed to help my little one. Both my guy’s are next door eating. I haven’t seen George the last few days except to wake him up for school as I was leaving with Taki to go to work. He called earlier to tell me not to worry. He went from school to “the ramp” for skating. I talked with Maria too. She and Yannis are thinking to go to Germany where they know some people and Taki knows some. They have been promised jobs there. Yannis has papers from Albania so he can only stay 3 months. It will good for them to go and work and learn the language and about Germany. I hope they go.

Vanessa cooked lunch for us and today Virginia offered to clean the house. The house is a wreck. Nothing has been done except laundry and dishes for months. I just can’t bring myself to let her come over. Taki and I will start working on it after we close. We will also get the garden in better shape. It will be so good to be there and getting things done. I am going to buy an MP 3 player to help me get on a schedule of walking. I also want a digital camera any suggestions on brands?


with love and hope, Deb



2 Responses to "another day, another dollar (Euro)"

Hopefully Maria and Yannis can take advantage of the chance to work in Germany.

I would get a canon or nikon digital camera. Love & hugs to all of you-we are well.

Thank you sweetie. I love you.

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