anxiety attacks

Posted on: October 21, 2013

Do any of you have them? Have any of you ever had even one? Do you know anything about them? I have been having them. I am praying about it. Add me to your prayers for them to stop.

It is beautiful here today. Hot and sunny with no clouds or wind. 

Vanessa made lunch for us today. She is half Italian so when she said she was making us pasta, yum! (My stomach is still a mess from last nights anxiety attack. I also had a serious hot flash going on. WOW! My face was red enough and hot enough to be on fire. Poor Michael-John was worried. I told him it will pass soon. I just have to try and rest.) So I ended up eating a small bit of her potato salad. It has olive oil and spices only. Light and easy on the stomach.

Michael-John has a cracked bone in his elbow. He is adjusting to it just fine. He hasn’t needed any help in dressing and bathing. I helped him with his first shower but ended up only doing his hair. It was like having a toddler again. lol He has English class tonight. I will pick him and his friend up there. We will drip his friend off in our neighborhood and then go to Galatea’s. If I don’t take him with me he will be home alone again or at Maria’s.

I am going outside to stand in the last rays of today’s beautiful sun.

with love, Deb


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