Posted on: October 18, 2013

It’s gray and cold. Yesterday the sun was bright and hot and beautiful. Today is just cold and gray. (18c) We have had about half the amount of customers in the last three days. We will close the shop up at the end of the month. I am so happy about that. We will put a discount on almost everything in the store to sell it. That way it’s easier to get started next year. That will also give us a bit extra for the Winter. 😉


Michael-John has a cast on his left arm. He cracked a bone in his elbow. He was doing par kour with friends but fell wrong. It will be on for a 12 days and then we’ll see. It cost 150 Euros ($202.50) and the Dr. said that is should be 240 Euros ($324.00). Maria worked for him at one time so I guess that is why he gave us the good deal.


Maria continues to work 9:30 until 18:30 everyday. Yannis was laid off about a month ago for the Winter season. He is at home now. I don’t know how they will survive the Winter. Pray about it. She is tired and doesn’t eat or sleep right. So her stomach is giving her hell. 


I hardly see George. He is asleep when we get home or he isn’t home and comes after we go to sleep. He is asleep when we leave in the mornings. lol


We have had a better season than last year. I am looking forward to this Winter compared to last year. It was wonderful to be with Taki so much last year but the lack of money was hard. I prayed and the Lord provided us with enough. What more could we ask for. This year I will get unemployment and Taki might get his. We will be OK. Also last year I was worried about being with Taki 24 hours a day for months. It was an amazing time for us. It was like we re-bonded with each other. Maybe we fell in love allover again. It sure felt and feels good to be closer to him.


with love, Deb


2 Responses to "today"

We are all doing okay. Mike’s Dad and Stepmom moved over to Vancouver, so we’ve been helping them quite a bit. Hopefully will see my grandbaby Friday and take him over to see Mom.

Love & hugs to all of you!

I would like to be there to visit with you all too. Give Mom and little Jackson, love hugs and kisses from us.

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