Dad and misc.

Posted on: July 14, 2013

I got to speak with Dad. It was so amazing to hear his voice after so many years. I hope to do it again in a couple weeks. He is doing OK. Hearing him was painful and wonderful and made me miss him even more. I want to see him and all my family VERY much.


The store is doing fine. We have customers. Praise the Lord. 


I made it to church today and I feel much better. I saw a few people that I haven’t seen for a long time. Saw some new faces. Didn’t see a few old familiar faces. Such is Summer on a tourist island.


I used my Visa card for the first time to get George and Michael-John some skate shoes. It felt good to help them and break in my card. The shoes arrived quickly and fit the boys. Thank God. 😀


I am going to the open air cinema tomorrow night with Galatea. I am so excited. We will see “Stand Up Guys”.


Listening to Christina Perri-A Thousand Years and enjoying it.


Listening to “Train” can’t ever get enough of them…


I am still in my postcard groups and enjoying them.


I play Farmville on Facebook but if they open one more farm I will quit. There are 9 now and that is too many for me. 😛


Taki and I are both worn out so our nerves on edge. We keep snapping at each other and that is sad. We apologized to each other tonight. We both know what’s going on but saying it out loud is the best way…


OK! that is it for now…with love, Deb






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