busy day…

Posted on: June 30, 2013

Michael-John came to work today with us instead of George. I helped Taki with the newspapers and a couple of other things. Then I went home to eat a bit, nap a bit and then to church. I was refilled by being at church and getting to see so many loved ones. It has a been a very long day. Lack of sleep being the inhibitor. Still no news of Dad. Lovely customers today. One couple gave me a 5 Euro tip last night. Today I have 3.10 Euro. I give all this to Michael-John. He is going to spend it on his skate. 🙂


Tomorrow I will go to Galatea. Then we will go to the “Caldera” beach. She will snorkel and swim I will get in some walking. It will be lovely.


Taki and Michael-John went swimming and ate at “Ammos”.


IKA came to check our books for the first time in 20 and 1/2 years. Everything was in order, of course! It was still a little nerve raking. 😛


be good to yourself and those around you, don’t forget to share a smile with those who aren’t wearing one, Deb


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