another day and more bits and pieces…

Posted on: June 29, 2013

I just read that Dad isn’t doing too well. That makes me want to see him more than ever. I called Dad and Vladia’s number and then ‘Becca and Mikes both had answering machines. The rest of you please send me your phone numbers. Thank you.


It’s a beautiful Summer day here. I got a lot of work done at home. That makes me feel better. I also got to see Michael-John for a little while. He was home today. 🙂 Lunch was extra simple. Homemade tomato sauce from Santorini tomatoes and spaghetti.


Yesterday I helped Galatea go to the post office, drop off her recycling and the super market. She was quick. I sat for five minutes outside her studio. I was just leaving as Martin came. He had a load of Santorini tomatoes. I was tempted to carry half away with me. They were so big and beautiful. 😛 I left and went to Helen’s she was busy. We squeezed in a chat between her work. She gave me two pair of Summer shoes that don’t fit her but they fit me. I am so blessed. She gave me a Santorinian watermelon and two cantolopes. They are all so small. She gave me some frozen hamburger patties and frozen beans. Also some eggs from her chickens. All yummy and much appreciated. The best was the hugs and kisses from both friends. I sure miss them.


Vanessa just called. It was wonderful to hear her voice. She is waiting for me to be at church tomorrow. If George doesn’t come in and I work the morning shift I won’t be able to go to church. A man she knew and tried to help for many years died of kidney failure due to his alcoholism. It is so sad. That man reminds me of the movie, “Leaving Las Vegas”. Horrible!


Well, it’s getting late here. hug the ones you want to and always share a smile, with love, Deb






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