kids, lunch, Bible Study, weather, peas and…

Posted on: April 30, 2013

I barely saw Michael-John. His face and knee are healing fine. He is off and running again. Maria, George and Yannis went swimming together. I wanted to go to the beach with them but I had to make lunch and then go back to the shop.


We were given a bag of peas in their shell along with some other veggies right out of a friends garden. The pea pods looked “iffy”. I learned to not judge a pea by its pod. The peas inside were beautiful. Mostly VERY big for peas that I am familar with. I cooked them with potatoes and carrots from the same friends farm. I took out enough for myself. I then added, salt, pepper and tomato sauce for the family. I ate mine with a hint of salt and some drops of lemon juice. mmmmm…


At Bible study we prayed for my cousin’s son, Jason. A boy slammed his head into a brick wall. Something to do with a dodge ball game. Horrible for all involved. Pray for the boy who is so young and so violent as we did. Jason is going to be mine. He will be released from the hospital today. Praise the Lord.


It is another beautiful almost Summer day.


I have had work today at the store. I am happy to write. 😀 It sure feels good to have customers who shop. 


Unfortunately I won’t be walking to Fira and then catching a bus home. The last bus towards my neighborhood left about 15 minutes ago. I HAVE to find some other way to get in my walking for today.


Have a great day/evening/night, with love, Deb


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