Maria, Michael-John and etc.

Posted on: April 29, 2013

Maria got a call on the 24th to tell her they were not hiring her after all. She was due to start her old job as a receptionist on the 28th. oh well… She will now be working at a sailing center office. Praise the Lord she has a job.


I rushed home Saturday night with horrible cramps and I was cold. As I burst through the door with only thought of my bed, I saw Michael-John on the couch. I freaked his faced near his eye was scratched  and swollen. His knee was scratched too. Taki hadn’t warned me. I stopped and took a good look at him. It didn’t need stitches and I hope it won’t leave a scar.  It turns out he tripped on a rock and caught himself with the side of his face instead of his hands. Poor kid! He spent Sunday’s work shift with me at the store. Today he is out and about again just not running.


It is hot and sunny again today and the sea looks like a mirror.


I went to Galatea’s last night after work. We watched a scary movie and ate some pasta. It was comforting even though I was still in pain.


I was to walk about a mile and then take the bus home and then walk about another half mile but it has been chaos at the store. I am staying late to help Taki so I can to go to the Bible Study meeting tomorrow morning. I have missed going.


I still haven’t lost any more weight but I still have hope. No sugar no fat should help me do it. lol hanging in there and praying, wtih love, Deb


3 Responses to "Maria, Michael-John and etc."

Just remember to eat vegetable and fruit first and then you won’t have room for anything else…Love you!

Thank you ‘Becca most of what I eat is fruit and veg right now. I have had meat once in two weeks. lol I love you!

Thank you ‘Becca every bit of advice helps. ❤

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