almost in tears, a run in with the law, closing

Posted on: November 2, 2012

Yesterday Maria and I drove to town, Fira, the main village of the island. She went to a shop for beauty supplies while they still had a sale running. I went to a coffee shop and ordered a “Fredoccino” (similar to a thick chocolate milk shake with coffee) to read and wait and indulge myself in an expensive treat ( 5.30 Euros or $7.80).This would have been only my second one in 2012. I made my order. Sat down, cracked open “A Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold” and waited impatiently for my treat. I sat there reading but also thinking how this will be my last treat for months. It came and I took a sip and almost cried. Instead of a “Fredoccino” I got a spoon full of Cocoa (not the kids kind the kind you cook with) in a glass of cold milk, not even any sugar. My feelings were hurt and my disappoint made my eyes water. I took a second sip being sure I was mistaken, YUK! I called the waitress over. I told her this was not what I ordered. She said what can I do it is his first day!  I was shocked. How can the coffee shop owner (an acquaintance) hire someone who doesn’t know how to make coffee’s? I was holding back tears as I paid and left. Yes, I was a wimp and paid that much money for two sips of that stuff and will not got there again.

Taki came to the store about 17:30 to tell me that Maria was at the Police station with her boyfriend and some other young folks. They were being accused of breaking into a home and stealing the stuff inside.! I didn’t think that was funny but I saw Taki’s face, then he saw mine and said nobody is hurt. So, a boy of this group delivered some rugs to a house next to the one that had been robbed. Someone called the Police to report the robbery and described the boy’s Uncle’s van. The Police asked him where he had been that day and evening. The boy not aware of what he was being accused of said I was with these friends and we were here and there. So the Police gathered up all the kids he had hung out with and took them all to the Police station. The Police kept them there for close to three hours for nothing. Some of the officers were of course unduly rude and never apologized for any of it.  Imagine your daughter waking you up from your Siesta to tell you the Police are at the door to take her away!!!

We will close the shop for the Winter months for the first time in 19 years. It is as I have said a dozen or so times WEIRD, EXCITING and SCARY. I will be here to keep it open one last day. Tomorrow Taki and I will be here for the morning shift together and then that is it. I won’t have internet access so don’t wait for any news from us. I will come once a week to check our new mail box and the store. I hope to get online then.

I miss you all so much, I think of most of you every day, with love, Deb


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