Bible study, Galatea, the Moon, the shop, the parking lot, Maria

Posted on: October 31, 2012

Taki came back to the shop at 10 minutes before 10. 😀 I picked Simone up in Firostefani. We went to Helen’s house in Karterados. (Vanessa, Patricia and Elke joined us) For me that morning was OK. It is rare for me not to leave VERY uplifted.  The ladies from church are meeting at Virginia’s house at 18:00 this Friday. I will ask Taki to work for me so I can go. I haven’t seen most of those ladies since March of this year.


Galatea picked me up at 18:00 at the shop. I had cheese filled hot dogs, McVites digestive biscuits, Heinz ketchup and French’s mustard. She bought hot dog buns and my favorite German dill pickles. I paid her for those. At her house she had a small bottle of Red Donkey beer (VERY lucky for me), cream cheese and homemade Raspberry jam from her friends Father in Belgium. She also had some cheddar cheese slices that I had left there from our bacon cheeseburgers. She made us a salad from Fennel root, red cabbage and carrots. I heated the hot dogs and toasted the buns. I slapped on a half slice of cheddar to the warm buns. I made pickle spears for our plates. We added ketchup and mustard. We sat down to eat and watch “The Crazies”. It was good. Then we made my choice for dessert, smear a digestive biscuit with cream cheese, add a little of that homemade jam and indulge. This is so yummy and quick and you almost think you are eating cheesecake. I was very good. I ate only two cookies with the works. I sure wanted more, at least one more. We then watched my choice “Vanishing on 7th St.” I liked my choice better than hers. lol 😛


Galatea has use of her friends’ car for a few days. As we were leaving her shop she pointed out the moon. It had a huge ring around it. She said that means a sign of bad weather to come and later emailed me this link. ( ) It was almost as pretty as it was when were on our way to her place. It looked like a perfect Halloween moon then.  Hey, Happy Halloween filled with safe fun and don’t forget to send me all the extra Halloween candy. I promise to share it with my kids. 😀


The latest news for the shop is that by Sunday we will be closed. I can’t believe it. WOW! The first time in 19 years we will be closed for the Winter months.


The parking lot across the street from us has been rumored for years that it will become a park. A few days ago they started marking it for construction or destruction to then begin construction. A few people came out and had a few words and everything stopped. Today two guys came to drop off things that are used in construction. Now the question is are those supplies for the parking lot or some other project?


Maria is waiting to hear from her boss. If he calls that will mean she will work 10 hours a day for 20 days and get 800 Euros. She worked 8 hours a day for 30 days in the Summer and got 900 Euros. 


Taki has gone to our accountant’s office to file some paper work. When he comes I will go home. I made what I called spaghetti pie yesterday for lunch. It was not a big hit. Taki said that is should have been baked, served and eaten. Not cooled and re-heated. Oh well! 

Please, treat others like you want them to treat you, with love, Deb



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