quiet days, traveling, pain, closing

Posted on: October 29, 2012

I don’t have much to share with you all lately. I have been re-blogging things that I like. Life is quiet here for now. 


Maria wants to go to the mainland to shop. I have asked her to wait and go with her Dad and brothers. She said that will leave you alone here. I told her it would be nice to have the house to myself for a day or two. No more than two though. 😛 I love them and want them here with me.


My youngest B-I-L’s wife has left him. She has been telling him to leave for the last few months and sleeping in the bedroom where her oldest used to sleep. The three youngest boys still live at home with him. The oldest boy lives with his pregnant girl friend in their apt. The family had three dogs. Yoryia (my B-I-L’s wife) and the oldest boy’s girlfriend drove all three dogs up into an uninhabited area of a mountain and left them there. It took 3 months but the favorite dog made it home again. He had lost most of his hair, he was of course starving and NO he did not live. It breaks my heart. How could anybody dump the family dogs like that? I had always loved her but I can’t find any feelings for her now. I am glad she has left. What made this lovely person turn into a weirdo? I have not talked to her in years. She once accused me of not wanting her sons and girfriends in my home. That came about because the oldest told her that. When I tried to call her to explain that we had no washing machine, I was working 12 hour days in August the busiest month, the house was a mess and I didn’t have clean sheets or towels the day they arrived. I told  Maria to tell them to do what they could for the first night and that by morning the sheets and towels I was handwashing right then would be dry. I blame that situation on myself. I was almost asleep when they arrived after saying they weren’t coming. ? ? ? I told Maria to talk to them and I went to start hand washing some sheets and towels. I SHOULD have told them myself. Anyway, after that I was mad at her.


We are still not sure if we will close all Winter or open only for the morning shift (8-2).


Galatea and have a plan for an evening to watch a scary movie and eat chili dogs. We may do it as soon as tomorrow night. My mouth is watering already. 🙂


MY morning shift is almost done so bye for now, with love, Deb




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