Posted on: October 19, 2012

I saw two different ladies riding motorbikes today, VERY unusual. The one lady is German and I have seen her many times. The other lady was new to me but to see them both at the same time, weird.


Michael-John saved his money and bought a pair of shoes that he loves. If you go to youtube and look up key words Red Bull and Santorini you can see why he wanted these shoes so bad! lol It scares me but he loves it. I was relieved a few years ago when George quit this sport. 


I just thought I had seen big Catfish in Texas. This made me think of and miss my Dad more than usual.


It’s VERY quiet here these days. It is a relief and sad at the same time.


Galatea and I are making bacon cheeseburgers at her place tomorrow night. We will also watch a movie. Our favorite place to eat these babies closed before we got a chance to go again. 😦 oh well!


remember to be yourself, everyone else is taken, with love from Deb

not much


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