yesterday, Galatea, Felix Baumgarten, Austrian tourists

Posted on: October 15, 2012

This all started when I called Galatea to see if she was busy. Taki had come to the shop early enough that I might get to hang out with Galatea. I had caught her as she was leaving for her weekly massage session. She was frustrated because she was going to miss Felix’s live jump. I am like, huh!?, so she explained. What a difference one phone call can make… 

I watched the whole thing live with Taki and a couple from Austria. Have you seen the photo’s of the Red Bull headquarters? If not, you should. I am in love with that building. lol


I told Taki what Galatea told me. We had it on and by chance an Austrian couple came in and saw. This was supposed to have happened before they left for vacation. Due to the weather the launch was canceled. The lady like Galatea had been sad that she would miss it. What a wonderful coincidence that she would walk into our store at that moment and be able to watch it with us. Her husband gave us information that we would not have otherwise known. It was great to share it with them. They bought two cans of Red Bull. After they paid they handed one to Taki and one to me. That was so cool. I am going to drink mine at the beginning of my afternoon shift.


“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” I like that. with love, Deb




2 Responses to "yesterday, Galatea, Felix Baumgarten, Austrian tourists"

I heard about Felix’s jump last night on the BBC. The newscaster called it “the biggest news of the day,” and I thought to myself, if that is the biggest news of the day, then the world is good shape.

Jumping from that high is incredible even with the modern equipment but compare it to the 1960 jump! WOW!

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