Posted on: October 15, 2012

Some of the prettiest little birds I ever saw. 😀

The Thinking Closet

This past Wednesday, my M.I.L. and I got together for a sewing party.  She had a project she had been saving up to work on that was recommended by her dear friend, Robin, who is amazing quilter and sewist.  [Aside: Robin made Mark and I a beautiful quilt for our wedding that combines so many unusual fabrics.  For color ideas, she looked at our registry, and used her genius to create this beauty:

Anyway, Robin recommended this bird pincushion and needle-keep as an easy and fun project.  Well, I can attest, though we had fun and laughed a lot, it was anything but “easy” for us.  I felt like I went from Sewing 101 with my denim skirt to Sewing 505.  But you have to admit, even though it took me from 9a – 9p to complete two birds, they are rather adorable:

Bird Pincushion & Needle Keep via The Thinking Closet

The best part: choosing your fabrics.  Robin…

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