Posted on: October 14, 2012

I ate leftover chili. mmmmm… I took a nap, worked on the plants that sit on my bedroom balcony. It was hard sweaty work and I loved it. It left me shaking because I used muscles that haven’t been used since who knows when. That was just the beginning. I did the big ones first. I hope to have time tomorrow to do all the little ones. When I am done, I am going to sit out there, sip some wine and stare at the stars. 😀


Taki and Michael-John went swimming. The sun is hot but the water is cool. I don’t know how they do it.


George spent the night with a friend last night, came by the shop for some cold drinks and left. lol


Maria got off work but didn’t stop by to say hi, 😦


do to’em what’cha want’em to do to ya…love from Deb


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