B&M, Kapellino, weather, lunch,

Posted on: October 12, 2012

There is a new clothes shop that I wish to have success. The name of it is B&M and every morning when we drive by it I think Bowel Movement! 😦 I dont’ want to but I do. EVERY morning.


I am at the shop doing the morning shift so Taki can be at a meeting with the lawyer that is handling the final paper work that officially closes the Kapellino. This process has taken two years! 😦 but 🙂


It is a grogeous day. Last night Maria and I both used blankets for the first time. lol


I hope to turn yesterday’s leftover re-fried beans into a type of chili today. We’ll see. I will add the beans to a ground meat chili mix as the thickener. On top of the bowl of chili I will sprinkle on grated cheese and chopped onion. If there is enough time I will bake some corn bread. mmmmm…


OK! that’s all Folks! 😛 love from Deb and her bunch







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