before and after, Baby George,

Posted on: October 10, 2012

It is bugging me that I didn’t think of taking before and after photo’s of the whole cactus job! Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk, right?

I did something I am ashamed of. I forgot to pick George up on my way home last night. Taki came to the shop early and I got to go home and I went as quick as I could. I was scared something would come up to keep me there. I was almost home when George called me to let me have if for forgetting him. I almost cried from the shame of it! Who forgets to pick up their kid???

Ok! Taki is back. I am off home to get some work done before coming back to the shop again. love from Deb


2 Responses to "before and after, Baby George,"

Hi Deb,

George is okay, so do’t beat yourself up!

I got the Rebecca bag today and the wonderful eye for the baby.  Thank you for thinking of us.  We’ll put the eye on Jackson’s car seat as soon as I see him.  Be sure to thank the lady for us.

I haven’t done anything with the photos from our trip yet, will send some when I do. I woudl love to have a recent picture of you all.

We are all well, hope you guys are too.

Love you,


Oh! I am so glad you got it! It cost me one stamp to send it to you. I was shocked! That is the same stamp that I use to send postcards and letters. Isn’t that cool?
After the end of October I will try to get Maria to upload some photo’s to the stores computer and send them to you. I love you so much. bye for now sweetie

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