9:30 am

Posted on: October 9, 2012

I din’t walk but I did a few things while waiting instead of sitting in the car reading.  Zoo-Zoo seemed a bit confused when I came out late and went to the car. Poor thing. If only I could explain to her that it was for her on good. Yesterday Taki drove half way back home to make sure Zoo-Zoo was on her way home. I have decided to drive down to the beach and walk on the beach. The little bit of extra gas is worth getting in some walking. If I could get Zoo-Zoo in the car with me she could come too. 😛


Bible Study is from 10am-12noon. Taki is meeting an architect at the house to see if he can tell us why the walls are crumbling and mildewing in places. I don’t remember what you call this problem in English. I hope it won’t take long. I have missed one of the two meetings they have had. 😦 It frustrates me that last time and this time Taki has appointments that keep me at the store. The rest of the week he has not even one appointment!!! ANNOYING! 


Last night an accident happened near our home.  A car pulled out turning left and plowed into to a motorbike that was said to be speeding and that is why he wasn’t seen. He was not wearing a helmet. The car driver is fine. The motorbike rider is in a coma. They are both only 20 years old. Those of you who know prayer works, please pray for these young men, their families and friends. Maria and George know both of the boys.


“that’s all folks…” for now anyway…with much love, Deb


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