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Posted on: October 4, 2012

Maria is back from Athens with Yannis, did I tell ya this already??? He has to have physical therapy otherwise he is recovering fine.

George got real mad yesterday because Maria ate his lunch. lol poor kid, He slammed the refrigerator door and knocked off my wooden Armadillo magnet that a Texas cousin sent me years ago. It chipped his nose, oh well.

Taki moved George’s Chipmunk to his bedroom, the cage slipped and broke apart. Mr. Chipmunk didn’t get out. Taki put the cage back together but threw away the water bottle later on because he didn’t know what it was. again lol 😛 So today I worked from 8 to 10am. When I got home Taki had put on a new water bottle. So I had a nap and then made lunch. (An omelet with sauteed onion and green pepper, Tex-Mex home made flavor mix and grated Graviera cheese). As I was leaving I saw Mr. Chipmunk on the floor of Michael-John’s bedroom…uh-oh… 😦 I squatted and started making my little noise for him that I make to him everyday to say hi, feed or and water him. He ran behind me, so I turned in a semi-circle and he ran behind me. So I stepped sideways this time and squatted again making my noise and offered both hands, hoping he would climb into one of them. NOPE, the little stinker bit me! 😛 It didn’t hurt and it didn’t break the skin, just startled me. 🙂 I tried squatting again and this time he bit my big toe. By this time I am getting scared that I won’t get him back in his cage and safe from starvation or a roaming cat. Then I went to get his cage and found how he got out. One side of the top of his cage wasn’t attached. So I opened the door of the cage and shooed him in there with two little sticks. 

Michael-John missed the public bus this morning because he forgot to charge the battery on his cell phone last night. He got lucky though. A man who has a car rental just above our shop saw him and drove him to school. (The school is on his way to his car rental.) Michael-John was too late to help the lady at the snack bar so he didn’t get a free breakfast today. Oh well! I charged his phone during my break from the store.

Taki, Marcos and Goglee was most of our rugs on Tuesday. Wednesday I worked 13 hours so that Taki and Marcos could wash the rest of the rugs and start on getting the garden ready for Winter. I was exhausted but it was the last night at the outdoor cinema ( to see “Being Flynn” ( So I went anyway. I am glad I did.  Today I am working a total of 11 hours. Taki went with Marcos to our house to take in the rugs that had dried. Then show Marcos what else should be done in the garden. Our football (soccer) team plays tonight so here I am. It is so hard. I have been working seven days a week since May. So has Taki so…

October 31 is the last day our shop will be open for 2012. That is as of today. This may change. it was decided at one point that I would work mornings and Taki would become a SAHD. we’ll see 😀


with love and prayers and asking that you treat others as you want to be treated, Deb


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