Posted on: October 4, 2012

These are the cutest Fall goodies I can remember seeing. Yum and so fun!

The Domestic Rebel

As a kid, I loathed pumpkin.

Loaaaaaathed it.

I wasn’t a picky eater, I just thought that something as rotund and squashy as a pumpkin should be nowhere near my mouth.

Also, if you gut and carve something to sit outside and be eaten alive by gnats for weeks, it generally isn’t automatically associated as something I’d like in a pie. Just saying.

I fondly remember Thanksgiving meals ending with pie. Frozen pie, but who really cares about what was homemade, what was frozen, and what is still kinda frozen on the left side after a huge meal? (Okay, I still do care. That’s why I’ve insisted on taking care of desserts for Thanksgiving for the past several years).

Usually, my grandma would buy three kinds of pie: pumpkin, pecan, and key lime. Um, where is the apple? Banana cream? Strawberry? Throw me a bone here, grandma. This ain’t okay.

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