bits of today

Posted on: September 30, 2012

OK! The one koulouri (sesame seed covered thin ring of bread) was for me and the boys were to share the big treat. oops, sorry Taki! I get it now. 

If you look up into the sky as I write this I bet it is a little brighter from my grin. We had a Red Bull competition here.( I had the luck to meet one of the young men who worked with the competitors. He came in to get a almost 100 bottles of small waters. He was wearing a t-shirt with the shape of Texas on it. I of course HAD to ask him about it. I almost cried when he said he was in a BMX  bike competition in Austin. He went on to say that Texas and it’s people are GREAT. He is looking forward to going again. He and one of his friends came tonight to say good bye to me. Again here I am almost crying. What lovely young Gentlemen. They came to say bye to silly old me. It made me grin and I am still grinning. I am pleased as punch. I am a happy camper. I wanted to ask them to send me links and or photo’s of their competion’s but I chickened out. Also they weren’t competing here this time. They were helping Red Bull with the Parkour competition. George and Michael-John went to watch the competion. Michael-John has started practicing. He loves it.

Maria on a ferry to Athens. She is going to get her American passport re-newed. Yannis will have his cast removed.

I will leave for now, with much love, Deb


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