Maria, the shop, Taki & me, destroying shop documents, Bible study meeting, lunch, George, the alarm clock,

Posted on: September 28, 2012

Maria sent in her school applications. Yeah! 🙂 

Soon after we opened the store the electricity went off for about half and hour. Taki tried to charge his cell phone and we both laughed because the electricity was off. Then a little while after that I tried to use the little frappe maker. lol…duh Deb! 😛

Taki left to go do some business in Fira. The newspaper/magazine bill came for the shop. I paid the young man. Then I proceeded to tear apart the document to use as scrap paper. What and idiotic thing to do. I don’t know what possessed me.

Taki had to run an errand and I was panicing. It was the first Bible study meeting for this Winter. He made it back by 10:10 and the meeting started at 10:00. I got there first and some ladies didn’t make it at all. 😦  Today was the first time I got to go since May! 😀 It was great. It uplifted me.

So I left there at 12 noon. Went to big super market in my neighborhood. I got ground meat then rushed home to whip up some Tex-Mex. (burritos and tacos) I then took a one hour nap.

George called me to ask me to pick him up on my way to the shop. He got money for the weekend from Taki. Then he and his friend got some junk food and took off. It’s Friday night ya know. 😛

I woke up two minutes before the alarm clock should go off. At the time it was to go off it didn’t. he he he I should have hit the alarm button after setting the time but I hadn’t! WHEW! 😛

While I was cooking the ground meat I found three bits of blue. On the first bit I felt sick. Then I realized it was from the die that they use to prove the meat has been inspected. It was still weird to pull out three bits of blue.

I worked two to ten. Now I am working four to midnight.

OK! God Bless you and don’t forget to do unto others as you would have them do unto you…with love, Deb


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