not much to say but I want to keep in contact

Posted on: September 24, 2012

The day is perfectly beautiful today. Another of those Indian Summer days. That make going to work even harder than usual. I would like to pack a picnic and my little family up and spend the day at Kamari beach. 

Taki has gone for the THIRD time to get M-J from school to take him for a check-up with a Dr. so he will be allowed to play football (soccer). The first time one Dr. had the day off and the other one was on strike. The next time all the Dr.’s were on strike. We will see what happens today. This is the part of living in Greece that annoys me.

Maria will take the same trip with Yannis that I took with Taki. Leave 2am for Athens and take the ferry back from Athens that gets to Santorini at 2am . lol She will get her American passport re-newed and he will have the bandages removed from his finger. (They put it in a cast all the way up to his elbow. To fix the tendon that was severed they cut from the top of his finger to his wrist. I am waiting to see if it will scar his hand and finger.) It is hard for me to accept that my ‘baby” girl is old enough to take trips like this things now without one of us to help her.  😛

SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO… Taki and M-J got to the DR.’s office. There were 10 kids waiting so they left. lol…


bye for now, with prayers for you one and all and love, Deb


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