Maria’s camera, lunch(s), apple dip, Kyria Kati, Mom’s gift,

Posted on: September 22, 2012

I tried to catch two of our cats that look alike, they were curled up together. By the time I got Maria’s camera out and tried to get the photo they had noticed me and started to move. I decided to get a photo of them anyway. I did something wrong and couldn’t get any kind of photo. I tried again the next day for a differnt photo with the same results. I tried the third time and that is when I noticed something on the side that I moved and now I am FINALLY able to take photo’s.

Taki made Kokkinisto yesterday for lunch. It was VERY good. I made my Mom’s beef stew to the best of my memory it was good too. The day before I made a stir fry chicken/vegetable type dish with plain rice.

I made an Apple Dip (cream cheese, brown sugar, peanut butter and a bit of milk) that I got from It is spectacular, I LOVE IT! I could eat it all day! 😛

Kyria Kati is an elderly lady who does not leave her house at all EVER! She fell some years back on the stairs outside her house. Since then she refuses to leave. So she calls us with her shopping list and we deliver it. One day we were out of the panty liners she prefers. I took some money and went to a big shop to get them for her. She gets a bit annoyed if we don’t have what she wants. She wanted four boxes and I found three. They were on a shelf that was out of my reach. I searched for a store employee. There is usually at least one walking around and another stocking shelves. I was getting frustrated. The people at the check out can’t leave to help. I found a really tall guy who was also a customer. I asked him to help me. He came willingly the funny part was that he said just take these. I said NO, it is for a picky old lady and she wants those. Well there are four of these, no thank you I will take the last three of the ones she wants and explain it to her. Well, all those products are the same just take these that you can reach. Well, uh, thank you but NO! Will you please reach up there and grab me those three that the old lady wants. You know she doesn’t leave her house. She is waiting for those three please hand them to me. Thank you. There is no difference. Just take these and so on and so on. This went on until I was ready to give up on him and go find someone else! HHHHHEEEEELLLOOO…Dude why in the world do you think you know what the old lady wants????? DUH! So he finally says the equivalent to WHATEVER and takes down the ones I was almost begging him for!!! WEIRD!

Year’s and year’s ago Mom gave this white pitcher shaped wooden kitchen untensil holder. I found the bottom busted out of it today. WEIRD! It was fine yesterday! 😦 I am going to miss it.


more at another time, with love, Deb



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