Posted on: September 21, 2012

The weather is cool today. I am enjoying it. I made Lentil soup. ( One poun of lentils,one chopped med. or large onion, one big bay leaf, 6 large cloves of garlic sliced in half, one large carrot, sliced, olive oil, tomato sauce or paste or a can of tomatoes, salt and pepper. When you serve it add a teaspoon or more of vinegar to your bowl and stir, it is amazing.) That is the way Taki’s Mom always made them.

Maria is planning to go to Athens with Yannis when he has to go back to get the bandages off his finger. She will stop by the American Embassy to get her passport updated while they are there. She is still undecided about school this Winter. With all my heart I want her to go. I don’t know the name in English of what she will go to school for. It is a job that there are only of a few of here in Greece. She would be an interpreter for legal purposes and any other situations that required her skills. She would travel a lot. The traveling and meeting new people is just her cup of tea. 😀

Michael-John and George are going to school and hanging out with friends. Not much else. No skate boards, no soccer playing. I believe it’s all about girls for them right now. 😉

A few days ago this guy came in and I told him how much I liked his shirt. I also told him that I would like to have several of them for family members. He laughed. The next day he said if I could get you one of these shirts who would you want it for and what size. I told him he didn’t have to do that. He said again FIRMLY, if I can get at least one WHO for and what size? So I said the name of the first family member that popped into my head and the size I thought they would wear. He said OK, thank you. He came to shop with his wife the next day. We had a chat like we usually did. They left. He came the next night with  a t-shirt just like his. I almost cried! My eyes watered and started dripping. I held myself back from grabbing him and hugging him. I wanted to return the favor. I asked what I could treat him to from our shop. He said I owe you one Euro from yesterday. OK! Done deal. One more thing he said and I said OK! He wrote down his email and requested that the receiver of the shirt will have to send a photo of their selves wearing the shirt he gave them. I said done deal and can I give you a treat from our shop. No, just send me the photo. So Dear mystery family member, when you receive your t-shirt PLEASE send a photo of yourself wearing it to him and to me, PLEASE! 🙂 I love you bunches and hope you like the t-shirt as much as I do. LOL! ;P

This is not my post. I read it this morning and found it useful and hope you might also. 🙂

OK, that’s it for now, love from me to you, Deb


2 Responses to "misc."

Hi Sis! That Lentil soup sounds so yummy and the recipe is very close to our Mom’s recipe that i use! It is rainy here today so homemade lentil soup sounds especially yummy! I have spaghetti sauce cooking in the crockpot. Love you and miss you! Hugs to all of you! Love, Chan

That is so cool that our Mom’s and my M-I-L’s are similar. I hope your family enjoys Mama Maria’s pasta sauce. I love, adore and miss you bunches. 🙂

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