pain, weather, the kids, our broke friend, books, beer, etc.

Posted on: September 14, 2012

I didn’t take even one Panadol Extra today. YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH! I did hurt and I did lay around feeling sorry for myself. he he he. BUT, I was a good Mama and made spaghetti with meat sauce like my Mother-In-Law did.  The whole family loves it and gobbles it up.

The fog got partially burned off by the Sun but the heat was the type where you could cut it with a knife. It was horrible. 😦 The fog destroy’s the stores fuses. They keep going and I keep switching them back on. It is VERY annoying. Last night it was about five times. Tonight I was by myself and it did it 15 freakin’ times. I was at the point that if it did it the 16th time I would have broken something. I was that frustrated.

Michael-John rode the public bus home and started right away on his English homework. He needed very little help.

Maria called and asked me to buy her a clothes drying rack on my way home from my morning shift. I found her a simple one for 11 Euro’s (about $14.35). She wants to hang her clothes outside her bedroom. 😉 She’s so silly.  This may be a part of how she is slowly growing up and away from us.

I saw Baby George long enough to tell him bye on his way to school. I haven’t got to see him since then. It is now 20:29. It will be like this most days until November when I get to be a SAHM.

Taki took our broke friend home for lunch again today. He has paid his rent here until October. He needs about 200 Euros to get himself and his car to his home village. Where he has family and friends to help him through the Winter. We aren’t able to loan him even that much. We need every penny.  

I finished book #2 in the series. I am anxious to get the next one. Meanwhile I am reading another one that was given to me by the lady who has the Groove Bar in Kamari with her husband. (Liz and Andy). It’s a great little bar that plays good music and serves Donkey Beer on tap (yum).

I’m sipping a Cider Fizz with Blueberry flavor. It is good and it has 4.7% alcohol. I don’t drink often. Now that I can no longer afford to make Margarita’s. lol I used to drink them off and on all Summer every Summer. I miss them VERY much. If I was at home I would have some red wine and snacks and a fire and my precious hubby…

I got a pretty card today from Elizabeth. She is priceless.


Happy of Happiest Fall to you all with love, Deb


3 Responses to "pain, weather, the kids, our broke friend, books, beer, etc."

Hi Sis! Ryan wants the Spaghetti recipe…you made it for us once when you and MJ were in Portland visiting! Love & Hugs, Chan

OK! [?] Saute about 1/2 lb. of ground pork mixed and preferably ground with 1/2 lb. beef. If the meat is lean add some olive oil. Add a chopped (onion med or large size) and continue to cook on med. Add a can of chopped tomatoes or tomatoe sauce (1and 1/2 to 2 cups). To this add ground cinnamon (about 1/2 teaspoon) or one cinnamon stick, salt, pepper and whole allspice (5 pieces) or about 1/4 teaspoon ground. Those are the spices she always used. You all can adjust the amounts to fit your taste buds. If it is a bit bitter add a touch of sugar or a grated carrot. I love ya all and miss ya too much! [?]

Thanks!!!! Ryan will be SO excited!

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