Me, lunch, the kids, the shop…

Posted on: September 13, 2012

Swallowed the last Panadol Extra and still have pain. I went through a box of 16 over a ten day period. I want more but I am going to resist. Spent most of the day in bed hurting and feeling sorry for myself AGAIN!

I managed to make a batch of my Giant Beans. This recipe is so easy to make and costs very little money. It also fills you up. They came out perfect. Taki is taking a friend home to eat. This friend has fallen on very hard times. He doesn’t even have money to eat. I don’t know when he will have to leave his apartment. Those of you who believe in prayer pray for him. 

Michael-John came home, hollered Mommy, I answered and he said don’t look. HUH? He was changing to go swimming with Christiana (Krist-Yanna). She is one of his best friends. They spent most of the Summer together. She is also a close friend to his girlfriend Elefteria (E-left-Ter-Ria or Freedom in English). That is all I have seen of him since he left for school. It will be good to be home come November. I will get to see him and George and Maria much more.

George called in the evening (finally) and said he wouldn’t be home until late. He is eating lunch at a friends house.

Maria stopped by the shop for a few minutes on her way to see Yannis. He is still in pain, poor kid. I am grateful that his finger is going to be fine.

A fuse keeps blowing here in the store. It takes down the internet and the lights outside the shop. The fog seeps into to everything this time of the year. lol It is nice to be able to see clouds again. The Summer blue of the sky is beautiful but the coolness the clouds bring is a relief. 🙂

do to others as you would want them to do to you, with love Deb



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